100_0043In 1998, the Knight family bought the property, totally ruined.

All buildings are destroyed and uninhabitable. Doors, windows, beams and even the floors were torn and looted … The park is unrecognizable, overgrown by trees, brambles and weeds. The statues adorning the park have been stolen, the basins are destroyed … The pool is covered with earth, broken trees and branches …

The Chevalier then undertake a long working full restoration of property: reconstruction of buildings one by one, electrification, well drilling, catering to the pool and the two basins, clearing driveways, felling dead trees and replacing it with new , reconstruction of all fences, etc …

Today, over 15 years later, we can say that “La Dulce” regained its former glory!

le casco


el casco 2000


el casco 2010